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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Working Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz Type: GSM Brand Name: ETROSS Port Number: 2 Model Number: 8848P V1 color: black/white weight: 0.6KG size:: 185 x 135 x 22mm DTMF: support polarity reversal: support back up lithuim battery: optional imei change: optional


GSM PSTN gateway/ terminal

Brand: Etross or OEM brand
Model No.: Etross-8848GSM/PSTN
Product name: GSM/PSTN FWT fixed wireless terminal with LCR
Frequencies: Dual-band:900/1800MHz Quad-band:850/900/1800/1900MHz

Etross-8848GSM/PSTN with LCR has the function of choosing the route automatically.
When you dial out from the device,it will check the prefix number.You just need to preset it in the unit,then it will call out through GSM/PSTN according to the presetting rules.Also,both GSM and PSTN support call-in.

When you are in calls through GSM line,if another call arrives at PSTN,the caller will hear busy tone,and vice versa.

If you don't connect the PSTN line,it will dial out from your mobile SIM without distinguishing at high cost.
If the SIM card is not in its positon or GSM network is no signal,it will dial out from PSTN line.

1)Strong signal
2)IMEI changeable
3)Backup lithium-ion battery
4)SIM Card supported(1.8V,3V)
5)Supports DTMF 2'nd dialing out
6)Locking PIN / network (optional)

7)Hides subscriber ID (been sent out)
8)Connects Alarm systems for security use
9)Provides reversal polarity signal for metering
10)Compatible to most telephones, PBX and VoIP gateways
11)Provides optimized circuit connecting the exchange device for Extension

12)Auto-select economic route(Low-cost routing LCR function)
13)When GSM is unavailable,calls will be forced to dial out from PSTN.
14)When not connecting to PSTN line,GSM will provide the forced dial-out function.

1) Air interface standard: GSM850/1900Mhz,900/1,800Mhz phase 2+ full band
2) Frequency ranges:
A) GSM 850 GSM 1900:
I) Transmission: 869.2 ~ 893.8MHz I) Transmission: 1, 930 ~ 1, 990MHz
Ii) Reception: 824.2 ~ 848.2MHz Ii) Reception: 1, 850 ~ 1, 910MHz
B) GSM 900: GSM 1800:
I) Transmission: 890 ~ 915MHz I) Transmission: 1, 710 ~ 1, 785MHz
Ii) Reception: 935 ~ 960MHz Ii) Reception: 1, 805 ~ 1, 880MHz

3) Channel space: 200kHz
4) Max power: 0.25W / 0.5W
5) Consumption:
A) Immobility: <25mAh
B) Transmission: <400mAh
6)Input: AC100 - 230V, 50 / 60Hz

7)Output: 12V 1A
8) Sensitivity: -105dB
9) AC power: DC 10V - 20V
10) Dial tone frequency: 450MHz (standard)
11)Connector of power: US or European type
12)User line, bell signal: In line with GB/T15279

13) Switching type / transforming type AC adapter (optional)
14) Antenna amplifying: 3.5dB (omni-direction), 12dB (certain direction/chosen direction)
15)Connection mode: RJ-11 phone socket
16)Antenna connection: SMA antenna connection

Operation Circumstance:
Operation temperature: -10c~60C
Storage temperature:-20C~70C
Operation humidity:45%-95%
Atmosphere pressure:86-106Kpa
Environment noise: <60DB

Package(Standard carton,20pcs/carton):
1)FWT weight: 400g
2)Total weight: 800g
3)Color: White/blue/black(optional)
4)Size(L x W x H): 185 x 135 x 22(mm)

21) Colors: White/blue/black (optional)
22) Connection mode: RJ-11 phone sockets
23) Antenna connection: SMA antenna connection