3D Webcam T3D-001 pc camera robot Style USB 2.0 Double Lens 3d camera

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is_customized: Yes Products Status: Stock Brand Name: Tiglon Image Sensor: CMOS Max. Resolution: 640x480 Package: Yes Interface Type: USB Pixels: ≤ 1 Mega Model Number: 3D webcam Camera Lens: VGA Imaging: Digital resolution: 300K pixels Webcam size: 7x7x7.5CM Material: ABS Warranty: one year


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3D Webcam Cute Cartoon Style USB 2.0 Double Lens 3d web camera 3d camera

3D Webcam
High quality CMOS sensor
300K pixels resolution
2D+3D webcam function, with special effects
Both support capturing and video recording in 2D and 3D working

This webcam allows you to have 3D video calls using your favorite webcam software or chat program such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ooVoo and many other webcam compatible software packages that are already available. If you want to chat in good old fashioned 2D or your other party doesn't have 3D glasses then just switch to 2D Mode When used for video messaging no software is required to be installed on the viewers PC. The only requirement for the viewer is that they have a pair of 3D glasses so they can view the 3D image. For budding film makers, you can use the 3D Webcam to shoot short films and clips that you can save to your PC and watch in Windows Media Player or any other media player. You can also upload your films to your favorite video sharing site, such as YouTube, Vimeo etc., so that you can share your 3D videos with your friends. Now 3D movie making is not just in the hands of the big film studios, you too can make films in 3D using the 3D Webcam and have images literally popping out of the screen. For those who like taking pictures and photo's, the MPX 3D Webcam also has a photo mode, so you can take pictures in 2D or 3D and save them to your PC. Of course you can share them as well by uploading the still images shot with your webcam to your photo sharing site such as flikr or even facebook or myspace, then any of your friends who have 3D glasses can look at your 3D photo's and see the images jumping out the screen at them. You could even print them and look at them in 3D using glasses on regular photo paper. The 3D webcam comes complete with a great easy to use software interface that allows you to set up, align and use your 3D Webcam to best effect. It also allows you to choose modes such as 2D, 3D, Video, Photo, Anaglyph 3D, and Side by Side mode. So the MPX 3D Webcam is the ultimate in Webcam technology, combining old and new and video and stills and 2D and 3D all in one easy to use package, and just in case we forget, 3D Webcam looks great too, his antenna glows when in use and you won't find anything as cute as the Webcam to sit on top of your monitor! Animated design, easy to use on a desktop and laptop High quality CMOS sensor (better than competitor models as it has excellent low light support)

With Mask, animation, accessory, frame and letters special effects, more than fifty types

With photo capturing and video recording function in both 2D and 3D mode

0.3 Mega pixels photo capturing resolution, 640 x 480 resolution video recording 2D+3D mode webcam function With UVC, USB2.0 Built-in microphone Support for capturing and video recording in 2D and 3D Auto white balance & exposure Support win2000/xp/vista Power consumption < 1.5 W operating mode, <2 mW in standby mode

1 x PC Laptop 3D Webcam Camera

1 x 5X 3D glasses

1 x manual